Top London wine merchants: Modern classics

In the next of our top London wine merchants series, we take a look at five modern classics, those founded within the past 50 years, and who have established a niche for themselves for the long term.

These merchants have secured a position in our line-up not only by building a firm-footed business, but by continuously working to predict consumer trends and adapting their services to ensure they align with the demands of the market.

This ability has never been more crucial, with those merchants with a strong presence online and grasp of social media more capable of remaining buoyant throughout tough trading conditions, not least the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the most part we have focused exclusively on retailers that have a bricks and mortar element to their business, with two exceptions. We felt there were two merchants that despite not having a fixed retail unit had established themselves as modern classics in their own right, and deserved to be included in this round up.

As before, here we have taken a look at the turnover of each merchant, their range and approach to selection, as well as how they are working to meet the challenges of the future.

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