Top 5 London wine merchants: The classics

In the first of a new series, we are bringing you the best of London’s top wine merchants, those with a strong online and often international presence, but who importantly have a bricks and mortar element to their business.

We begin with ‘the classics’ – merchants that have been trading for at least 100 years, and typically much longer, who are such stalwarts of the wine trade that they command their own category.

Between them the following merchants have nearly 1,300 years of business experience, having navigated two world wars, the flu pandemic of 1918, countless economic boom and busts, the dawn of the internet and e-commerce and now Covid-19. While it has not always been plain sailing, their universal ability to adapt to changing times has made these five retailers among the most respected, experienced and robust wine merchants, not only in London but the world.

Now more than ever, wine merchants are working to maintain their fundamental values while adapting and evolving to meet new challenges.

Here, we take a look at their turnover, range and approach to selection, as well as how they are working to meet the challenges of the future, not least in light of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Click through for our pick of London’s top classic wine merchants…

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  1. John Edwards says:

    Lea and Sandeman seems a glaring omission?

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