The airlines suspending in-flight alcohol service

As airlines return to the skies for commercial travel, many have made drastic changes to their operations to keep people as safe as possible amid a global pandemic.

Almost all airlines require passengers and staff to wear PPE such as masks, and contact between cabin crew and flyers has been greatly reduced, with pre-prepated meals offered at the start of the flight, or scrapped altogether.

But some have gone further and also cut alcohol from their catering offer.

It makes sense. Not only do you want to reduce the amount of time that staff and customers are in contact, but allowing people to imbibe in-flight will increase the use of toilet facilities and lower people’s inhibitions, a dangerous mix when you are trying to stop anyone from catching a deadly virus.

We’ve taken a look at the handful of airlines around the world that are changing the way they offer alcohol, or scrapping it altogether, in the fight against coronavirus.

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