Carlsberg launches red beer can for Liverpool FC win

Danish brewer Carlsberg has released a special edition red beer can to celebrate Liverpool FC’s Premier League victory, with a design that includes players’ signatures.

Carlsberg is launching a limited edition ‘Champions Can’ in honour of Liverpool’s historic early victory last night (25 June).

The new release, which also features Liverpool FC’s crest, player signatures and the words ‘Champions, 2020 onwards’, will be available in 23 countries across the world; with UK fans able to get their hands on the can and a glass chalice through an online giveaway in the coming weeks, the brewer said.

Liverpool were crowned Premier League champions as Manchester City dropped points at Chelsea, shortly after Liverpool beat Crystal Palace on Wednesday evening. With 7 matches still to play, it marks Liverpool’s 19th top-flight title and their first since 1989-90.

It’s not the first time Carlsberg has had a makeover to honour its relationship with Liverpool. The brewer released a bright red pilsner brewed specifically for Liverpool FC fans in April 2019.

Carlsberg renewed its sponsorship deal with Liverpool F.C. last May, which the Danish beer giant has benefitted from since 1992. Theirs is the longest-running partnership between a brewer and a Premier League club.

Head of global sponsorships, Louise Bach, said: “We’re delighted to be celebrating the team’s incredible season together with Liverpool FC fans across the world. Our role is to make football even better for the fans, and hopefully this will make their celebrations even sweeter.”

24 Responses to “Carlsberg launches red beer can for Liverpool FC win”

  1. Harigaran says:

    Hi I’m from Malaysia fan of Liverpool, please I want to have this beer edition can you help me to can 1.

  2. Gitte says:

    Please tell me that Australia is one of the 23 countries??? We would love this beer here!

  3. Graeme says:

    Where can I buy these

  4. Joan Burke says:

    I will be the envy of my family here in Liverpool with a limited edition can of what is probably the best larger in the world

  5. Jennifer says:

    Hi my hubby, son and family are mad crazy liverpool fans. My hubby also is known for the “odd” occasional carlsberg wouldn’t touch anything else.. I would love to beable to buy a special edition liverpool carlsberg.. please please please it would be amazing

  6. George Carson says:

    How do I buy red Liverpool cans please

  7. Matthew says:

    Hi are these cans available in Wales Uk ? Thank you

  8. Annette Deleuran says:

    I makes no sense a Danish producer beer cant be bought in Denmark – i mean the whole of Denmark and not only Copenhagen. That feels very unfair! Why not start taking in ordets for this new set of champion package??? If we order and pay in advance for beers etc and shipping What is the problem? You want to make Money wont you?
    If yoy do make it possible for the rest of us to order, pls answer and k’et me know!

  9. Julie Powney says:

    How do I purchase a red liverpool can thanks

  10. Anne Bain says:

    Pllease let me know where I can purchase for a family of LFC supporters!!

  11. Jodie Sewell says:

    I really need to be able to get these Liverpool cans please

  12. When can I buy the red liverpool carsberg larger and are they running a competition to win some

  13. Tim says:

    I would like to purchase a case of them.

  14. Kiok V says:

    Craigavon N Ireland …Liverpool Fanatics ….Sainsbury’s in Rushmere Shopping Complex awaiting them ASAP

  15. Stephen Collier says:

    Where can I get these Liverpool cans I’m in Wales UK.

  16. John Booth says:

    Will cans be available in Canada? If not can I order them and get them delivered?

  17. Anthony says:

    Where can I buy in Vancouver BC Canada? Must I order online?

  18. How can I buy this beer. From Liverpool fan

  19. TY Foong says:

    I would like to buy it, please let me know how can i get it

  20. Erica Tay says:

    Hi all, for Malaysia Liverpool Fans, you may Follow and stay tune on Shopee Carlsberg Mall to get this limited edition in coming weeks !

  21. Kamaraj says:

    Hi this can be available in Malaysia? Or can I order them online to delivery?

  22. Dorothy says:

    Hi, when can I get it in Switzerland?

  23. Tracey Bailey says:

    My Son would love this, how can i order?

  24. ian says:

    I have a hundred cans

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