Eleven outstanding rosés for under £20

If you’re feeling a little swamped by the choice of rosés on the market right now, and don’t want to risk disappointment, we are here to help with the best pink wines for under £20 from this year’s Global Rosé Masters.

With summer now with us, wine drinker’s thoughts inevitably turn to rosé, particularly the pale, dry sort that’s fashionable right now, but with so much on the shelves, it’s necessary to have some form of guidance.

Well, having conducted the Global Rosé Masters earlier this year, which is the largest professional tasting of pink wines in the UK so far in 2020, we can offer some direction for drinkers.

That’s because the samples are assessed ‘blind’ – meaning that the tasting is done without any knowledge as to the source region or producer – ensuring that it is an independent and unbiased judge of quality, and quality alone.

And, because the competition is truly global, it allows pink liquid products from all corners of the world to be sampled side by side, so we can test whether a rosé from Spain is as good, or better, than another from France – that is, within the same price category.

And, having already listed the best rosés under £10, which you can view here, this selection is focused on the highlights in the £10-£20 category.

While these don’t represent the cheapest end of the market, it this is one of the most competitive areas of the business, and the price segment where the majority of Provençal rosé is found – which is why this list features plenty of wines from this part of France.

On the other hand, if you want to read about top-end rosés for fine wine lovers, then click here.

Finally, I should stress that the following rosé recommendations have all been taken from this year’s Global Rosé Masters, which saw almost 200 wines assessed without any knowledge as to source region or producer – and please click here to see the results from the competition in full.

So, if you think you deserve a place on this list, please visit The Global Masters website for more information, and, to enter future competitions, please call: +44 (0) 20 7803 2420 or email Sophie Raichura at: sophie@thedrinksbusiness.com

Meanwhile, please read on for the 11-strong selection…

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