Top 10 books about wine, beer, and spirits to read in lockdown

Beer: Taste the Evolution in 50 Styles, Natalya Watson

Ever wondered why German brewers specialise in lager, or what the first English ale really tasted like?

Natalya Watson’s debut book is a taster’s guide for visual learners.

Each chapter focuses on a different ingredient in beer (malt, hops, yeast etc), and shows through some wonderful illustrations how they have developed throughout the centuries. The book starts in 1600s England, with an exploration of the rather smokey beers we used to drink for nutrition as much as inebriation, to the cacophony of styles around today that cater for all tastes and needs.

One of the wonderful things about beer geekery is the community. To get us through lockdown, Watson, one of our regular Global Beer Masters judges, launched a weekly book club for likeminded beer fans.

Beer: Taste the Evolution in 50 Styles available from Foyles and Amazon.












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