Top 10 great-value sparkling rosés

Having completed an extensive tasting of pink wines from right around the world, we bring you 10 fantastic value sparkling rosés, taking in countries from England to New Zealand.

All the following recommendations hail from 2020’s Global Rosé Masters, a competition that sees all sources of pink wine judged side by side with only the most basic knowledge of style and cost.

The aim of the tasting is simple – find the best wines for the price. And because that’s the sole purpose of The Global Masters, we tend to unearth great samples from unlikely places, quite simply because the classic, benchmark wine-producing areas, while brilliant in terms of quality, don’t always offer the best value for money.

Of course, great value doesn’t necessarily mean cheap, and hence the selection below takes in a range of wines from under £10 to over £50, and sources such as the UK, Italy and France as well as the New World.

In each case, we believe it would be hard to find a better rival for the same price.

So, read on for our top-value pink sparkling wines, as well as some words on the independent, ‘blind’ tasting process that led to their medal rating.

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