The 10 largest craft breweries in the US 2020

  1. Yuengling and Son Inc

Location(s): Pottsville, PA

Founded: 1829

Yuengling is well known as one of the oldest, and longest-running, independent breweries in the US.

In 2009 the brewery surpassed two million barrels, with Dick Yuengling – fifth generation – now heading up the business, alongside his four daughters.

Yuengling became eligible for “craft brewer” status in 2014 after the Brewers Association changed its definition of “adjunct grains”, such as corn, in early 2014 to be “traditional”, and therefore craft.

Last year, the brewer collaborated with confectionary giant Hershey’s – also founded in the same state – for the first time on a chocolate-flavoured porter infused with Hershey’s cocoa, syrup, and cacao nibs.

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