First Victorian pub in England gains Grade I listing

London and West Sussex

Hand and Shears.

Hand and Shears, Smithfield, London

The Hand and Shears is one of two London pubs from the Victorian era to have had their listings updated. The pub has retained its original saloon and private bars, as well as a range of late 19th century fittings. It also has links to the Bartholomew Fair, which ran every year in August from 1133 to 1855. It is believed the fair’s Pye Poudre Court convened at the pub in order to main order and settle merchants’ disputes.

The Coach and Horses

Coach and Horses, Soho, London

The Grade II listed Greek Street pub has been long associated with a host of famous writers, artists, musicians and actors, among them Francis Bacon, Lucien Freud, Peter O’Toole and John Hurt. It was also the subject of a play by Keith Waterhouse in 1989 called Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell, in which its interior was recreated on the stage of the Apollo Theatre. The pub’s listing now includes reference to its more recent past, as well as to its historic beginnings as an early 18th century pub of the same name. The current building was constructed in the 1840s, with its cast iron columns added in 1889. The interior was later remodelled in the 1930s by Taylor, Walker & Co.

Blue Ship, The Haven, Billingshurst 

The Blue Ship has had its entry updated to reflect its older origins. The Grade II listed pub was originally thought to date from the 18th century or earlier, but it is now known that it was a 16th century cottage that was converted into a pub in the 1850s. It was then remodelled and expanded later in the 19th century. Historic England notes that the pub is a good example of how vernacular buildings were transformed into pubs following the Beer Act of 1830. The Blue Ship is one of eight known pubs in the UK to have no bar counter. The listing also now references its rare taproom ‘servery’ arrangement which has been in place since the 1850s.

The exterior of The Blue Ship.

The interior of the Blue Ship with taproom servery

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