Six English wineries doing things differently

Lyme Bay Winery

Lyme Bay Winery in Devon is another producer operating under the radar. Like Chapel Down in Kent, it also produces a range of other drinks including cider, mead, liqueurs, rum and gin, planting its own vines in 2009 and 2010.

Like Camel Valley, Lyme Bay’s winemaking team also sources grapes from further afield, including Danbury Ridge in Essex.

Lyme Bay makes both still and sparkling wines, including a couple of white blends as well as a still Bacchus, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and rosé. Its sparkling wines include a brut reserve, a rosé, a blanc de noirs and a classic cuvée.

3 Responses to “Six English wineries doing things differently”

  1. Jiles Halling says:

    I was struck by the question relating to Camel Valley

    Does it matter that Pinot Noir from the other side of the country is actually going into this ‘Cornwall’ wine? Of course not.

    I must be missing something because I would have thought that, if a wine promotes itself as coming from a specific region, then the grapes should come from there too.
    I’d be interested to understand more about the opposite view

  2. Tom Hewson says:

    I think the precedent is there from Champagne, where a producer will be in a certain village (and put that on their label, sometimes), but actually source grapes widely. Camel Valley source grapes both from Sussex and Essex. English Sparkling Wine production is much more spread out than in Champagne, and the truth is that many of the best wines are now multi-regional. A producer can still have a home though, in my book!

  3. Bob Lindo says:

    Hi Jiles. The ‘specified region’ for that particular wine is ‘England’. It has an English PDO and the product is ‘English (Quality) sparkling wine’. It’s described on our website as having ‘a really individual English style’. There is a second Pinot Noir sparkling wine on the website, described as ‘100% Pinot Noir, Camel Valley single vineyard’. It’s one of several 100% single vineyard wines we grow here,
    A current list of all English (and Darnibole) PDO wines (the ‘specified region) can be found on:

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