Eleven English and Welsh wineries that make their own spirits and vermouth


Albury Organic Vineyard in Surrey is conveniently located right by the Silent Pool Distillery. It’s only natural, therefore, that the two businesses have collaborated.

Like Rathfinny, Bolney and Albourne, it has also made a vermouth, made from a distillate of Sauvignon Blanc grapes blended with Pinot Noir and botanical infusions of herbs, spices and citrus peel. Botanicals include wormwood, cacao, coffee, vanilla, rooibos tea leaves, Albury honey, cassia bark, orange peel, nutmeg, ginger, honeybush leaf, lemon balm and meadowsweet.

Other spirits in its portfolio include Attila’s Bite, named after the estate’s parson russell terrier. An eau de vie de vin, the spirit was made from Seyval Blanc grapes and according to the producer, has flavours of pear and crisp grape, with a buttery finish and a hint of almond.

Finally, Albury also makes its Duke’s Reserve brandy each year, using leftover pressing juice. It is named after the Duke of Northumberland, who owns the estate in Albury where the vineyard is situated. Less than 200 bottles are made each year.

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