Eleven English and Welsh wineries that make their own spirits and vermouth

We’ve rounded up the English and Welsh wineries that have dipped their toes into the world of spirits, from Chapel Down’s Bacchus gin to Albourne’s vermouth, flavoured with 40 botanicals.

The English and Welsh wine industries have grown rapidly in recent years, and so too has the range of products they offer. With today’s focus on the environment and being sustainable, wineries have developed ways in which to recycle and re-use grape material leftover after pressing, using it to flavour spirits.

A total of three million vines were planted in the UK last year, following on from 1.6m in 2018 and 1m in 2017. However, as vines require time to mature, and with further time required to make and mature sparkling wine afterwards, wineries also require other ways to supplement their income.

Chapel Down, headquartered in Kent, has gone the furthest down this route, branching into spirits, beer and cider, as well as producing still and sparkling wines.

Others, however, still remain mostly devoted to wine, but also make a spirit on the side. Meanwhile, businesses such as Foxhole Spirits and Asterley Bros have made it their mission to work with vineyards, using leftover grapes and wine to produce their range of expressions.

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