Top 10 on-trade drinks trends for 2020

1. The influence of the Far East 

Bibendum is predicting that on-trade venues will list an increasing number of wines, beers and spirits from Japan, China, Korea and South East Asia next year.

Three in 10 of its “trend-setting wine venues” in the UK had a saké on their list, while 10% of cocktails served in all sites tracked by Mode included ingredients from the Far East, such as yuzu, pandan and miso.

2. Sustainable packaging

While environmentally friendly packaging is already on the rise, Bibendum believes it will grow to new heights in 2020 across the wine, beer and spirits industries. Packaging will be “top of the agenda across all categories, channels and quality levels,” it says.

According to the distributor, 87% of consumers are concerned about the sustainability of packaging and most believe producers must bear the brunt of the responsibility. From canned, kegged and boxed wine to cocktails on tap and innovative beer packaging, sustainability and carbon footprints are set to be a priority next year.

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