Kate Hudson launches ‘gluten free’ vodka brand

American actress Kate Hudson is the latest celebrity to enter the drinks game with the launch of King St. Vodka, which is gluten free and made with alkaline water.

Actress Kate Hudson is the latest celebrity to enter the drinks industry

Distilled seven times in small batches in Santa Barbara, Hudson describes the spirit as “insanely smooth and clean”,  and recommends using it in classic vodka cocktails like the Martini.

Named after the New York street where Hudson once lived and entertained friends, the California-born actress was inspired to create her own vodka after researching the spirit and finding out that very few vodka brands have a woman at the helm.

“After a particularly long day I decided to host an impromptu cocktail party with my closest friends. As I prepared to whip up a batch of Dirty Martinis I surveyed my bar, but I wasn’t 100% happy with my options.

“Then I wondered, ‘are any of these vodkas founded by women?’ I did some research and they weren’t. So I decided to make my own just the way I like it,” Hudson said.

“I have always found the spirits industry fascinating. The creative side of me thought it would be a fun challenge to develop a vodka for my palate in a beautiful package that I would love to have on my bar and share with friends.

“The businesswoman in me is now looking forward to the challenge of building a brand in an entirely new industry,” she added.

King St. has gone on sale in California and will soon be available at select retailers inNew York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island with an RRP of $24.99.

The brand was co-founded by Hudson and drinks developer David Kanbar, co-creator of the hugely successful Skinnygirl drinks brand and former executive vice president of Skyy Spirits.

The daughter of actress Goldie Hawn, among Hudson’s film credits are Almost Famous, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and You, Me and Dupree. In addition to acting she has written two lifestyle books.

Hudson joins an ever-growing list of celebrities with drinks brands. Her competition in the vodka sphere includes actor Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka, singer P Diddy’s Cîroc brand and fashion designer Roberto Cavalli’s eponymous vodka.

5 Responses to “Kate Hudson launches ‘gluten free’ vodka brand”

  1. Em says:

    All vodka is gluten free

  2. Maurice Reed says:

    Hmmmm, Vodka like all other distilled spirits is naturally Gluten-free! So, producing a Gluten-Free vodka is no big deal

  3. T says:

    Isn’t vodka already gluten free owing to the distillation process.

  4. Mark Capalongan says:

    Gluten is a nonvolatile protein and doesn’t distill. Most experts consider vodka to be completely gluten free, so like many superfluous marketing claims this one should be self evident for all well made vodkas. As for proofing back with high pH water- please: Aside from the fact that there is no evidence that pH of foods or drinks has any effect on the body- are you also using alkaline water to make the ice in your martini? How does 4 ounces if vodka three times a week compare to the gallons of water one drinks? Really this is just silly.

    So many people work so hard in this industry to build a business and make a living that it’s difficult to see yet another celeb throw their money and notoriety around to put a dubiously marketed ego brand on the shelf.

  5. George Reinhart says:

    Gluten-free and it’s wet! Kate you’ve been bamboozled to put your name on a vodka that is just like all the others. Or, have you been? What the hey, many consumers will never notice that King St is just like all the others save for your endorsement. That’s marketing!

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