7 consumer drinks trends to watch in 2020

5. Global sparkling

Everywhere you look, sparkling wine sales are growing. Exports of Crémant de Loire to the UK rose by 95% in value and more than 70% in volume in the year to June 2019, according to figures from InterLoire.

It all points to consumers drinking “less, but better”, according to the report.

Sales of premium (£10.99-19.99) sparkling wine brands in the UK increased by +13.7% between 2014-2018, according to CGA data.

Even Cava, which lags far behind Champagne and Prosecco in terms of sales in the UK, is having a resurgence. Drinkers in the UK bought roughly 23 million bottles of Cava last year, according to the WSTA.

“Cava is making a resurgence”, the report said, “but we’re also looking to effervescent wines from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.”

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