5 cocktail trends to watch in 2020

Pared down drinks

At the other end of the spectrum, some high end bars are making consumers’ lives less complicated by stripping down cocktails.

In April this year Artesian at The Langham hotel in London, launched a new menu, consisting of cocktails made from just two ingredients; a “carefully selected spirit”, and one flavour designed to showcase its key characteristics.

Minimalist menus have cropped up in a fair few premises this year, coinciding with an explosion of new “craft” spirits launches in every category from gin to spiced rum.

William Grant & Sons’ report states that many bars are “moving away from using complicated, unrecognisable ingredients to creating simple yet innovative drinks.”

Although the flavours are paired down, quite often the mixers have been carefully crafted in-house by the bar team. At Scarfe’s Bar in Holborn’s Rosewood Hotel, the team have repurposed a broom cupboard behind the bar as their own laboratory of sorts. Here, the team distill and ferment cocktail ingredients such as banana wine, using leftover fruit from the hotel lobby.

Back at Artesian, The Monkey Shoulder and Yuzu cocktail is created using sous-vide yuzu, where the flavour is extracted at low temperatures.

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