This cider maker in Glasgow is handing out free booze for apples

A cider producer in Glasgow is offering punters free drinks in exchange for any and all spare apples they have to hand.

Anyone who has spare pieces of fruit lying around at home or in their garden is being encouraged to get in touch with Clyde Cider, an independent producer based in the west end of the city.

In return, donors will be offered a batch of cider to take home and enjoy themselves.

company owner John Hancox told Glasgow Live the initiative is “a great way to use up apples which would otherwise go to waste.”

“If people are drowning in apples,” he said, “bring them to us and we will swap for our lovely Clydecider.”

“Cider making is great fun, but it is also a great way to use up apples which would otherwise go to waste … Lots of people get involved and our aim is encourage more people to learn cider making and also get more orchards planted and looked after in Scotland.

“We certainly want any profits to go into supporting more school and community orchard planting.”

Clyde Cider operates on a community basis and replies on apple donations from locals.

Anyone who wants to take part is advised to email John directly to find out more.

It is not uncommon for cider makers to appeal for help from the masses. Earlier this year Hawkes Cider, based in south London, gave customers a free pint of cider at its taproom – usually priced at £4 – as long as they brought an apple in exchange.

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