Michael Jordan has launched a Tequila label

Former basketball star Michael Jordan, along with four NBA partners, is launching an ultra-premium Tequila brand.

Michael Jordan, Jeanie Buss, Wes Edens, Emilia Fazzalari and Wyc Grousbeck.

Called Cincoro, there are four expressions of Tequila in the range, each of which comes with a hefty price tag. The bottles start at US$70 for Blanco (unaged), $90 for Reposado (aged 8 to 10 months), $130 Añejo (aged 24 to 28 months) and $1,600 for Extra Añejo (aged 40 to 44 months).

The spirit has been made with 100% Weber Blue agave from private farms in both the highland and lowland regions of Jalisco, Mexico, according to a statement from Cincoro.

The Reposado, Añejo and Extra Añejo expressions are barrel-aged in an underground cellar.

Jordan met with Jeanie Buss of the Los Angeles Lakers, Wes Edens of the Milwaukee Bucks, and Emilia Fazzalari and Wyc Grousbeck of the Boston Celtics for dinner in 2016, and after “sharing stories and discovering a mutual love of tequila,” the group decided to go into business to develop the new brand.

The group commissioned Mark Smith, vice president of innovation special projects at Nike, to develop the bottle’s design and labelling, which bears a symbol inspired by the agave plant.

“We set out to create a sipping tequila that is ultra-smooth, naturally rich, complex and delicious; a tequila with exceptional taste,” said Emilia Fazzalari, chief executive officer and founding partner of Cinco Spirits, which produces the Cincoro brand.

“Through hard work, determination and collaboration with our amazing group of founders and extended team, we have brought to life Cincoro Tequila. We believe each of our four Cincoro expressions provides a unique tequila experience that can transcend the category.”

Jordan is the latest celebrity to join the Tequila bandwagon, after singer-songwriter Nick Jonas launched his own label last month.

Follow this link to read about the dozens of other actors, singers and athletes investing in agave spirits right now.

3 Responses to “Michael Jordan has launched a Tequila label”

  1. Anton Kinloch says:

    I’d be curious to see what their knowledge is of tequila and most importantly if they realize it takes 7 to 10 years to grow the Webber varietal. Meanwhile Raicilla, Mezcal, Sotol have all taken a large portion of the market because they’re less expensive and more unique. If they were smart they’d invest in mezcal at least. Otherwise this will be another wanna be Don Julio or Jose Cuervo. I’d wouldn’t be shocked if initially they have a ton of product then they start using unaged product and adding sugar, glycerin and caramel color to make it look more aged.

  2. Andrew Wunder says:

    Really? How original.

  3. Pj says:

    Good for them if you want to serve the people of the world so be it

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