9 luxury residential properties designed for wine lovers

Consumers in the US are choosing to spend more on better wine, according to new research published in the 2019 Wine Analytics Report.

The report found that total U.S. wine market grew to more than $70 billion in total value and 408 million cases in total volume in 2018. While sales growth, particularly in volume, has slowed as the total market has doubled since 2003, consumers are buying wine at higher price points.

As such, many of the wineries interviewed for the report said they would focus their efforts on producing ultra-premium wines that tap into the “less is more” trend.

Clearly, property developers in the states have caught on to premiumisation, as a number of recent developments across the country have been specially designed with features befitting of any aspiring wine buff.

From buildings with expansive wine vaults, to regular private wine tastings and easy wine delivery, here are just a few of the extravagant ways developers are attempting to attract wealthy wine connoisseurs.

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