Is Prosecco losing its sparkle?

1st April, 2019 by Lauren Eads

Last year, exports of Prosecco to the UK fell for the first time in a decade, by 7% in the first half of 2018, according to Italian farming association Coldiretti.

It blamed “the effects of Brexit” and “nationalistic fake news designed to discredit the Italian drink” for the decline, referring to the media hype surrounding the so-called ‘Prosecco smile’, as dentists warned that drinking too much Prosecco (or any acidic carbonated beverage, for that matter) could damage your teeth.

Late last year, UK accountancy firm UHY Hacker Young also reported that 2017 had seen the slowest growth of sparkling wine sales in the UK since 2011, which is largely driven by Prosecco. Sales totalled 35.8 million gallons in 2017, an increase of 5% compared with the previous year, but it was still the first year of single-digit growth since 2011. “A 5% increase in sales is not at all bad, but that comes after several years of double-digit growth,” said James Simmonds, head of drinks at UHY Hacker. “Unless the industry can revitalise its image this year, we may now be reaching ‘peak Prosecco’,” warned Simmonds,….

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