Top 10 most influential women in China’s wine trade

Wang Fang of Kanaan Winery

Wang Fang, founder and owner of Kanaan Winery, is another powerhouse in China’s wine scene. Better known as ‘Crazy Fang’ for her bold ideas and innovations, Wang who returned to Ningxia in 2011 after spending 10 years in Germany, and decided to follow in her father Wang Fengyu’s footsteps of making wine, a pioneer viticulturist in Ningxia particularly on soil study and owner of Helan Qingxue.

With her affinity to Germany and her love for Riesling, she was the first person in China to plant Riesling. However, she is best known for her Cabernet and Merlot based blends. Her 2013 Pretty Pony, a Bordeaux blend, won a top international wine award.

Her wines are now exported overseas. In 2018, Kanaan Winery’s wines are sold for the first time in Dan Murphy’s in Australia.

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