In focus: Spain bounces back from meagre 2017 harvest

15th February, 2019 by Lauren Eads

Between drought, hail and heatwaves, 2017 saw Mother Nature deal a challenging blow to winemakers throughout Europe, with a cocktail of erratic weather events leading to one of the smallest vintages in living memory. Spain was no exception.

Castilla la Mancha, Spain

Volumes dropped by around 20% compared with the previous year, bringing with it pricing and supply pressures most intensely felt in the bulk wine market. Then, production stood at 35.6 million hectolitres, compared with 44m in 2016 – a 19.6% drop – according to Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment. Spain’s five-year average is around 43m hl.

Now, a year on and with the 2018 harvest behind us, the outlook for Spain, and indeed Europe, is much rosier. While Spain’s 2018 harvest is still being assessed, volumes are expected to bounce back, returning to levels seen in 2016, with early estimates placing production at 42m hl. The final figure could well be higher, says the Spanish Wine Embassy, marking a return to normality.

“There are high hopes for a vintage offering fine quality and good volumes as the last grapes….

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