This restaurant in Milan offers discounts based on Instagram followers

A sushi bar in Milan is determining the total bills of its guests based on their popularity on social media.

This Is Not A Sushi Bar — an existentially challenged sushi bar in Milan’s Porta Venezia area — challenges diners to post their sashimi and nigiri plates to their Instagram profiles and, if they have enough followers they can get a hefty discount on their bill. The system launched on Monday.

Anyone who has an Intagram account with more than 1,000 can take part by posting a sushi snap to Instagram with the hashtag #thisisnotasushibar.

Customers with 1,000 – 5,000 followers get one free course, those with 5,000-10,000 get two courses free, and big-time bloggers with 50,000 up to 10,0000 followers can get eight dishes for free.

Celebrities and anyone who can rack up 100,000 followers will get their entire meal for free, reports

Sushi bar founder Matteo Pittarello, who hopes to make the system a permanent fixture, said that the stunt was inspired by Charlie Brooker’s dystopian Sci-Fi TV series Black Mirror.

“We put all these things together in a brainstorming sessions, a hint of Black Mirror in it and here we are,” he said.

“The idea was born with two goals: to stimulate in an innovative and inclusive way in store consumption and the participation of our clients, given that over 90% of our activity is concentrated on delivery.

“Social media is shaping our lives whether we like it or not, we just play along.”

This Is Not A Sushi Bar has 3,404 followers on Instagram, presumably entitling its social media intern to a free plate of sushi.

3 Responses to “This restaurant in Milan offers discounts based on Instagram followers”

  1. I assume this is an April’s Fool joke.

  2. Victor P says:

    April’s fool joke is to pay for TV advertise in 2018.
    The advertising game changed, and he has a small business. What other media is more efficient these days?
    You don’t have to have an Instagram account to eat there, you just get a better deal if you help to advertise.

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