In focus: How the Douro is taking the lead on climate change

24th October, 2018 by Lauren Eads

With searing record temperatures this summer in Europe, which followed severe frosts in April, flash floods and hail in the arid Douro Valley, devastating wildfires in California, and crippling drought in much of South Australia and South Africa, 2018 has been a year of extreme weather.

Barack Obama at the Climate Change Leadership Porto Summit in 2018.

Feature findings

> Global temperatures are rising, which will have a significant impact on the style of wine and ability to cultivate grapes in certain areas. Tackling this change will be one of the biggest challenges for the wine industry in the coming years.
> Between 1967 and 2010, the Douro Valley recorded a 1.3°C increase in average temperature, while the average rise throughout the vegetative cycle, from bud burst to picking, registered a 1.7°C uptick.
> In July, former US President Barack Obama was a keynote speaker at the first Porto Summit, an event on climate change sponsored by The Fladgate Partnership. A second event on the solutions to….

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