In focus: Chile trends

17th October, 2018 by Lauren Eads

As one of the world’s biggest exporters it’s easy to to forget that Chile has only a little more than 30 years’ exposure on the international wine market.

Feature findings

> Vinexpo says that by 2021 Chile will have overtaken France, Spain, Italy and the US to become the second-biggest wine importer in the UK.
> Chile’s reputation as a source of big volume, reliable wines has come at a cost, with decades of good value leaving consumers unwilling to pay a higher price for its wines. Raising the value of its exports is now a priority for Wines of Chile.
> Volume-led markets will remain crucial, but today Chile’s winemakers are breaking free from commercial constraints and innovating across a number of new varieties, regions and styles, including rosé, sparkling and País.
> In May, Chile signed four new DOs into law: Lo Abarca, Los Lingues, Apalta and Licantén.
> Some think Chile’s DO system doesn’t go far enough, with calls for stricter regulations to protect quality.

In that time,….

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