10 of the world’s most disgusting foods

Su Callu Sardu

Picture credit: The Disgusting Food Museum

Finally, we have Su Callu Sardu, another Sardinian cheese, made in such a unique way that only a handful of companies are even allowed to produce it. It’s made by taking the stomach of a baby goat, which is then tied at one end with a rope and left to mature with all its contents of mother’s milk (raw goats milk). The cheese is then aged for at least two to four months, and then eaten slice on bread, including the stomach, or fried in lard…

21 Responses to “10 of the world’s most disgusting foods”

  1. David Freemont says:

    To marketing dept:
    I believe I have some photos involving my home pets tins of Carlsberg lager and possibly a caption to go with it that I believe you could use in an advertising campaign would you be interested?

  2. tellthebell says:

    I care about tacos only. And that too from taco bell

  3. Arvin says:

    Kale pache is iranian… and we usually eat it for dinner!
    Also it dlesnt look like thatm i ate a lot of kalle pache and i think its the most delicious food ever, specially the brain.

    • Sam says:

      No body eats Kaleh Pache for dinner in Iran! It is traditionally eaten for breakfast ! if you eat it for dinner you will be galloping all night long in bed!

  4. SomeRandomInternetUser says:

    I’m from Hong Kong and I love eating century egg. It doesn’t taste foul at all!

  5. ThePizzaGuy says:

    hello i think they are all absolutely, horrible, terrible looking foods and I would never like to try any.

  6. No thanx Ill stick to my chicken and beef

  7. Charles says:

    Durian tastes good and gets a bad rap. And doesn’t smell as bad as people say. I also had some Durian chips while I was visiting Vietnam. Which kind of tasted like a ripe banana.

  8. Jorge says:

    Honestly, Kale Pache is a really common food in Iran. Even the name is pure Iranian Persian which means kale = head and pache = foot referring to the head and feet of the lamb.

  9. dennis says:

    i honestly feel bad for the baby mice but damn if china and korea drink it obviously there is nothing wrong with murdering them c:

  10. VenusH. says:

    Most of these are perfectly normal.
    Century egg, natto, durian? Where is all the crap in style of “loaded cheese pizza hot dog burger”? Or foods full of food dyes?

    It sounds like 10 years old with “ewww, this is not a hamburger, pop tart or pepperoni pizza” compiled that list.

    Sure, mice wine sounds disgusting… but it does not belong to the same list as kale pache, century egg, durian or natto.

  11. yourself says:

    I don’t taste good…

  12. Ted says:

    Hello bois

  13. Sean says:

    Eating a penis thinking it will give you better virility makes as much sense as eating ribs and thinking it will give you better ribs or eating a lamb’s leg and thinking it will give you better legs.

  14. Some guy says:

    Honestly, you can really see them getting desperate when they include DURIAN.

  15. Yasasvi says:

    I’m from Sri Lanka, and Durian is a regular fruit here. It’s really good. I know it’s bit sticky and have an extreme scent but hey, it’s not a bull’s penis!

  16. Sri Lanka says:

    Wasn’t the Coronavirus created in China after eating bats?

  17. Sri Lanka says:

    I think Durian tastes and looks a bit like a pineapple.

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