Trend Spotting: 10 alcohol trends in UK retail to watch in 2018/19

3. Rum

Dark spirits are having a moment in the sun, and rum is the flavour of 2018. The WSTA claims that rum sales broke the £1bn mark at the end of March 2017, while retail analyst Mintel said that dark, golden and spiced rum put in a “strong performance” in 2017, with off-trade value sales up by a third, and volumes rising by 27%.

On the other hand, volume sales of white rum fell flat, which analysts put down to an “enduring consumer demand for unique flavours”. WSTA’s figures found that there are now 150 rums in the UK market, compared with just 50 a decade ago. CEO Miles Beale puts the rise in popularity down to an increased consumer interest in craft cocktails.

If dark rum-makers can successfully tap into the craft movement, then sales could rise fast. A recent visit to Laki Kane, a north London tiki bar which opened last month and boasts its own distillery, shows us how rum’s off-trade presence could change in the coming years. Co-founder Georgi Radev said the bar blends its own rum on-site, and hinted that he wanted to bring it to the retail sector within the next few years.

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  1. Andy says:

    Great to see Fifth Spire get a mention from LICHFIELD, not sure the LITCHFIELD village in Hampshire has much to do with it though?!

  2. Will says:

    Just Crisps & Just Oil another business near lichfield producing 100% uk crisps and rape seed oil. Tasty.

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