The Global Beer Competition: Meet the judges

Dr Jacopo Mazzeo, freelance consultant and writer

Dr Mazzeo is a freelance beverage consultant, judge and writer who also holds a PhD in Musicology. He writes for various magazines and blogs, conducts tutored tastings, organises drinks events and hosts tasting classes. He specialises in Italian wine and beer.

When did you first get into beer?

Pretty much as soon as I had my first sip (I can’t really say the age…). But the real passion developed when I was about 19.

Which brew sparked your love of beer?

I think it was a Tripel Karmeliet (Belgium). It made me understand how beautifully complex, and elegant at the same time, a beer can be.

What would you be as a beer?

Tough question. Perhaps a Pils, complex enough yet enjoyable, straight to the point, doesn’t like too much heat…

What is your favourite hop variety and why?

I’m not really a hop geek, but if I have to choose it would probably be Cascade. It was really the first one Italian brewers employed to create American-style beers with a marked hop character. The first time I tried it, ten years ago back in Italy, I had an epiphany.

Who is your inspiration in the beer world?

Any brewer who aims to make enjoyable beers, meant to last. Not as common as one might think, though.

Where are you happiest?

Wherever I go travelling

What is your greatest vice?

Too many to list all of them, honestly.

What are the best and worst things about the beer industry?

Best: Dynamic and young which is certainly a pro. Worst: An increasing amount of amateurs pretending to be experienced professionals is unfortunately the other side of the coin

What is your proudest achievement in beer?

The next one.

What is your ultimate beer and food pairing?

Roasted bird game and Flemish Red Ale.

If you weren’t working in beer, what would you be doing?

I would be crying.

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