Industry accused of ‘heavy drinking dependency’ in temperance report

23rd August, 2018 by Rupert Millar

A new paper co-authored by the Institute of Alcohol Studies and Sheffield Alcohol Research Group has accused the industry of thwarting government health policies because it “depends on risky drinking” for the majority of its revenue but does not differentiate between revenue, turnover and profit.

Published today (23 August), the paper’s headline findings are:

  • “68% of alcohol industry revenue in England comes from consumers drinking at risky levels (over 14 units a week, accounting for 25% of the adult population).”
  • “The 4% of the population drinking at levels identified as ‘harmful’ (over 35 units a week for women, over 50 units a week for men) account for almost a quarter (23%) of alcohol sales revenue.”
  • “If all drinkers were to comply with the government’s recommended….

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2 Responses to “Industry accused of ‘heavy drinking dependency’ in temperance report”

  1. Richard says:

    Nice article. The witterings of these neo-temperance organisations should never receive the publicity they do – but if they do get one thing right, it’s how to play the media

    What is most shameful is that Public Health England has effectively outsourced their alcohol policy making to puritanical lobbyist groups like these, resulting in the nonsencial new ‘safe’ limits for alcohol.

    Good article from the Guardian about this kind of thing –

  2. Alex says:

    Good articles both, and thanks Richard for sharing the Guardian link.

    Here’s another one setting out some of the shady background to the ‘alternative facts’ supporting the new guidelines.:

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