Chile needs a more ‘strict and specific’ appellation system

9th August, 2018 by Lauren Eads

Emily Faulconer, chief winemaker at Carmen in Chile, part of Santa Rita Estates, has expressed her belief that the country needs to develop a more ‘strict and specific’ appellation system in order to protect quality and for each DO to reach its maximum potential.

Winemaker Emily Faulconer with a bottle of Florillon – a 13.5% Semillon aged under flor. – at Carmen’s Alto Jahuel vineyard in Alto Maipo.

Speaking to the drinks business at its Alto Jahuel vineyard in Maipo last month, Carmen winemaker Emily Faulconer said Chile had already proven that it is not a “monovarietal country”, but that its next step should be to move toward a more defined appellation system.

“We used to talk about Cabernet and Sauvignon Blanc, but….

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2 Responses to “Chile needs a more ‘strict and specific’ appellation system”

  1. Charles Crawfurd says:

    Great stuff in theory but with consumer recognition of Chilean wine regions currently being so low with most consumers I feel a case of trying to run befoe they can walk!

  2. Mike Beltran says:

    Chile offers exciting and well priced wines. A few years ago there was a desire to incorporate more site specific areas – this current concept will be confusing to the buying public. The idea of promoting only wines above a certain price point is not in the best interests of Chile. If you are going to raise prices then the quality must also rise dramatically . I support the Chilean wine industry- they in turn must show case their concepts of terrior and varietal mixture. Keep prices reasonable and then move up when you are producing recognized superior wines.

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