Beer prices in UK pubs ‘unaffordable’, but which towns are the cheapest for a pint?

YouGov undertook a survey of more than 2,000 adults living in the UK last year, and found that the majority think a pint of beer is ‘unaffordable’ in their hometown.

A pint of beer

Asking the question: “In your opinion, is the price of a pint of beer in a pub in the UK affordable or unaffordable, or is it about right?”

Of all the UK adults who responded, more than 50% found a pint to be unaffordable.

Just over a quarter (26%) said they thought the price was about right, while only 2% believed they were getting a bargain on beer. Around 11% of those asked said they thought it was “very” unaffordable.

Jackie Parker, national chairman for the Campaign for Real Ale, said: “It’s no surprise that most people are finding pub pints unaffordable, given the tax burden they’re facing. Beer drinkers will naturally look to more cost-effective ways to enjoy a drink, such as buying from off-licences and supermarkets for home consumption.

“The result is incredibly detrimental to our local communities and to our own personal connectivity.

“Having a good local makes people happier, better-connected and more trusting. Furthermore, pubs help bring communities together and support the local economy. The reality is that there are very few places that can replicate the benefit provided by our nation’s pubs, and once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.”

However, there are still places to land a reasonable deal in the UK.

At the time of the survey’s publication, travel website Holiday Cottages sent us data of their own, analysing how much a pint of beer costs in different cities across the UK.

According to CAMRA’s Good Pub Guide, the average price of a pint in the UK has risen by 13p in the past year to £3.60, as inflation pushes prices higher.

Holiday Cottage’s results were pooled by collecting data on the price of a pint in UK towns and cities via Numbeo, which compares rates on a number of consumer goods in hundreds of destinations around the world.

Buckingham – where a pint of domestic beer will set you back a mere £2 — tops the charts. This is over 50% cheaper than London, where you can expect to pay at least £5 for the equivalent pint of beer.

Keep scrolling to see which cities have had the average cost of a pint brought down by bargain-rate boozers.

2 Responses to “Beer prices in UK pubs ‘unaffordable’, but which towns are the cheapest for a pint?”

  1. leonard crissell says:

    current price of a pint of cask ale, ST HELENS MERSEYSIDE, £1.69 a pint repeat £1.69. RUNNING HORSES PUB ST HELENS TOWN CENTRE.

  2. john blythe says:

    im living in thailand and visit laos
    in laos i buy beer lao and a 640 mils bottle just 1,1third pints cast around 16 pence so i consider that a good deal happy beer drinking thoght i actually prefer cider and that iss about 20 pence for 1/2 pint

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