“Sommeliers need training” on organic wine, according to Spain’s producers

25th July, 2018 by Edith Hancock

Staff in the on-trade need “more training” on organically-grown wines to promote their quality, according to one third generation winemaker hoping to transform Spain’s approach to viticulture.

“No one knows what these words mean,”  Esther Pinuaga, the head winemaker of her family’s estate in Toledo, Spain, tells me over the phone. We’re discussing biodynamics and low-interventions, the new buzzwords in the Old World.

Once the pursuit of purist viticulturalists, the popularity of organic winemaking has risen significantly in the past few years.

Last year, research firm Nomisma published its Wine Monitor study. Organic viticulture has nearly tripled in Europe in one decade. Now with over 293,000 hectares, Europe is the world’s ethical wine powerhouse, hosting 88% of all organic viticulture.

Pinguaga’s estate has produced organic wine for years,….

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