India’s wine market is like China 15 years ago

A recent report on India’s wine market by Wine Intelligence and the country’s only Master of Wine, Sonal Holland, highlighted the potential of India’s future wine consumption and likened it to its neighbour China 15 years ago.

The report is part of the Vinitrac India Study in partnership with Holland to survey the opinions of wine drinkers in six different cities in India, namely: Mumbai, Delhi, Gurugram, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad.

In India there are 485 million people of the legal drinking age of 25 years and above. The exact number of the wine drinking population in the country varies depending on different studies.

“But our work so far suggests that wine drinkers are drawn largely from the 30 million upper income consumers, with a correspondingly very low national per capita consumption of wine – a bit like where China was 15 years ago,” said Holland.

India imported roughly 475,000 cases of wine in the 12 months to March 2017, and the country has over 300 wine importers. However, the country imposes high taxes and duties on imported wines, with import duties on foreign wines and spirits at a minimum of 152% in India.

Nonetheless, the report stated that alcohol sales in the country are on the rise, thanks to rapid urbanisation, changing lifestyles, rising disposable incomes and the largest youth population in the world, particularly among the upper middle-class urban consumers.

Between 2010 and 2017, the Indian wine industry recorded a double-digit compounded annual growth rate of over 14%, making it the fastest growing alcoholic beverage in India. However, traditional beverages such as whisky, rum and beer continue to dominate alcohol consumption in the country.

3 Responses to “India’s wine market is like China 15 years ago”

  1. Jai Arya says:

    Each of these wine markets are evolving in itheir own unique manner with it’s own ‘terroir’ & nuances. The pathways to evolution & development of both these markets have similarities and differences… but there is an underlying concurrence in the huge latent potential and it has now reached a critical point where the world is taking notice of it…

    Inclusion of India in a wider benchmarking study will no doubt be the start of a conversation which is much needed and it will be a monumental task in collating & analyzing primary data into a meaningful trend or forecast…

    But.. hey we are happy to take all the attention we can get !

    Here’s Cheers to the effort !

    Jai @ Vindelligence

  2. Antonio says:

    Great research !
    Great possibilities of potential market .
    Looking forward to join in as I had done in China 15 years ago .
    Best wishes !
    Antonio Cunha

  3. Mr Dilipkumar patel says:

    I have full back ground knowledge of alcohol retailing beverages for last 25yrs in England , therefore, I’d love to roll o er my knowledge and experience in India to develop and open a wine Barr in Mumbai.

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