Dictador launches ambitious 2 Masters project

25th June, 2018 by Roger Morris

Hernan Parra, master distiller of Colombia-based Dictador rum, has launched an ambitious project called 2 Masters that sees vintage Dictador rums finished in different casks by six respected winemakers and distillers in France and Scotland.

Dictador’s master distiller, Hernan Parra, has launched his ambitious 2 Masters project

As part of the project, Parra gave vintage rums aged between 37 and 45 years to six respected master distillers and winemakers in France and Scotland who each provided their distinctive finishing touches to the liquid.

The chosen winemakers and distillers involved in the 2 Masters project, who individually make: Scotch, Cognac, Armagnac, Champagne, Sauternes and Bordeaux, were allowed to finish the rums however they pleased.

Parra traveled to Europe to talk with each master, and together….

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