Ten UK chefs and restaurants that make their own beer

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal and La Sirène

While brewed in Australia, Dinner by Heston’s beer was inspired by the restaurant’s British heritage.

This month, head chef Evan Moore and sous chef Max Gauthier-Beaudoin of Dinner by Heston in Melbourne teamed up with local brewery La Sirène to release a farmhouse style ale brewed with wild yeast to be exclusively served in the restaurant.

The pair both began brewing on days off during their time working at Heston’s London site.

Now living and working in Australia, they decided to take it up a notch, partnering with Melbourne brewery La Sirène to produce Two Penny Farmhouse Ale exclusive to the bar at Dinner.

Based on traditional farmhouse ales made for farm workers in Belgium and later England, Two Penny Farmhouse Ale is bottle-fermented and incorporates hops from New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

This, according to Dinner by Heston, “results in a balanced blend of spice, floral and citrus, notably grapefruit aromatics as well as honey and thyme”.

Rolled oats are also added to provide a nuttiness as well as Australian pale ale malt to add “a bright lift”

According to the restaurant, the ale matches particularly well with red meat dishes such as the Rice and Flesh entrée on the Dinner menu.

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