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Jordanian winery to experiment with seawater ageing

In a joint venture with Sea Aged Wine of Spain, Jordan River Wines has announced that it will age some of its wine in temperature-controlled tanks filled with seawater in Spain.

Jordan River Wines

The Jordan-based winery is due to send bottles of its Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon to Spain to undergo the process which Sea Aged Wine refers to as ‘conduction ageing’.

Founder of Sea Aged Wine, Graham Smith, said: “This is like turning back the clock to a time when perhaps our predecessors knew more about ageing and storing wine than we do today. We’ve found that the tanks are proven to change the taste of wine following the tastings that we have conducted”.

According to Sea Aged Wine, during the ‘conduction-ageing process’ bottles of wine are placed in specially designed tanks filled with seawater for any time from one month to up to a year.

The tanks have settings to control the temperature of the water and, according to the company, “being on land, the tanks do not have a problem with pressure on the corks or screw top seals thus ensuring that there is no seepage or contamination of the wine”. Each bottle is sealed in a vacuum packed bag and put into a tank capable of holding 1,000 bottles at a time.

Speaking to the drinks business, a representative from Jordan River Wines said that their wines will spend between 1 and 6 months in the tanks.

On the subject of what they hope to achieve in their finished wines, JR Wines said: “Seawater ageing changes the wine’s aromas and the taste. We’re currently testing sea ageing and looking at the changes that happen to the wines depending on the variety and how long they spend in the tank. Additional aromas and tastes and even colour changes are a major result of sea ageing”.

Upon release, the price per bottle, excluding duty, customs and taxes will be $26.

Eagle Distilleries Co, the company which owns JR Wines, was founded in 1953. In 1975, the winery and cellar was established and today the company produces arak, brandy, gin, vodka, whisky, liqueur, rum and wine.

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