Can Champagne ‘bubble acoustics’ be used to measure wine quality?

6th December, 2017 by Phoebe French

You may be able to taste the difference between a good and a bad wine, but scientists at the University of Texas have suggested you may be able to hear the difference too.

According to a release published in Science Daily, scientists are examining whether the sound of Champagne bubbles forming can be a measurement of a wine’s quality. Both the number and size of the bubbles in a fizz are already established quality indicators, with oenophiles regularly extolling the virtues of a fine mousse. In contrast, large, infrequent bubbles are considered undesirable.

Scientists Kyle S Spratt, Kevin M. Lee and Preston S. Wilson from the Applied Research Laboratories at the University of Texas wanted to examine what can be determined by the sound of Champagne bubbles…..

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