The world’s biggest deliberate wine destructions

Lafite down the lav

‘Hundreds’ of bottles of Lafite were emptied down the loo

As quoted in the most recent FT Weekend (7/8 October), Sandra Davis, one of London’s top divorce lawyers, and head of Mishcon’s family law division, recalled how, in one of her cases, a woman emptied her husband’s entire wine collection down the loo.

When asked by the journalist to explain, she said that she wouldn’t divulge any detail, but admitted that a large and valuable cellar was lost in the act.

“Every bottle – Château Lafite, et cetera,” she said was drained – and not in the way the winemaker intended.

“It was becoming an issue in relation to how the assets were being divided and the wife just thought, ‘Sod it’ and poured the whole lot down the toilet,” she added.

When asked how many bottles, she answered, “Hundreds”.

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