The 15 most expensive cities in the world for a gin and tonic

A new study has revealed the holiday destinations to avoid if gin is your poison.

Last week, we ranked the cheapest cities in the world to find a gin and tonic, according to new reserach tallying the cost of drinks around the world.

The study from Bolsover Cruise Club looked into the price of a single-measure of gin with tonic water in bars and restaurants across 30 of the UK’s most popular tourist destinations — and the results are somewhat surprising.

Millennials are driving growth in the premium gin market thanks to the artful use of social media by distilleries and bars, but a love of artisan brands may be behind steeper mark-ups. The average cost of a G&T across all countries now stands at £9.25, according to the study.

Brits are some of the heftiest gin drinkers in the world. Gin sales in the UK broke £1 billion in 2016, and British gin-thusiasts consumed a staggering 19 million litres of the spirit in 2016, according to the Wine and Spirits Trade Association (WSTA).

But despite its status as a national treasure, London is one of the worst offenders for inflated G&T prices, with an average price of £8.82 in the capital.

Bars and restaurants in Europe are equally expensive, with Milan, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Switzerland and Paris just some of the destinations appearing in our list.

And if you’re heading stateside for some winter sun this year, be warned. Las Vegas and Los Angeles were both outed as even more costly than London when it came to gin.

Singapore to Spain, here are the cities to steer clear of if gin is your drug of choice.

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