Top 10 best-selling vodka brands

8. Grey Goose

Brand owner: Bacardi Martini


CEO: Michael J. Dolan

Volume 2016: 3.98 million 9L cases

Volume 2015: 3.95 million 9L cases

Change: 0.76 + %

Industry estimates put the volume sales of the privately-owned Bacardi brand Grey Goose vodka at 3.98 million 9L cases. Although there was relatively flat growth during 2016, with the addition of only around 30,000 9L cases, the company says there is still growth in the premium and super premium sector worldwide Last summer, the brand revealed a series of pop-ups in 20 different cities across North America and the US which whisked consumers off for a taste of the French Riviera, a new signature serve and marketing campaign under its “Extraordinary experiences” banner.

“Consumers trade up to products that focus on the highest quality ingredients,” a spokesman told db.

“While flavour variations will always be around and are perfect for creating fun cocktails, we’re seeing that consumers are gravitating more towards natural ingredients in their pure form,” they continued. ”People want to understand the ingredients and the process with which products that they are consuming are made. This is a macro-trend above and beyond the spirits category – but one which deeply impacts the spirits category.”

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