Top 10 global wine brands 2017


Brand owner: Changyu Pioneer Wine Co

Head office: 56 Dama Road, Yantai, SDG 264000, China

Tel: + 86 535 663 3658


CEO: Sun Liqiang

Product range: Noble Dragon,Château Changyu Moser, Château Changyu AFIP Global, Baron Balboa, Golden Icewine Valley, Château Changyu-Castel Co Ltd Yantai, Château Changyu Rena

Volume 2015: 15m 9l cases
 Volume 2016: 15m 9l cases
 Change: 0%

China’s oldest wine brand extended its lead over rival Great Wall considerably last year, selling over double the volume – 15 million cases to Great Wall’s 7m. Founded in 1819, the brand celebrated the launch of its “crown jewel” last year – a five-strong range produced from 250 hectares under the Château Changyu Moser XV brand.

Taking the Bordeaux model, the range includes ‘grand vin’ Château Changyu Moser XV Cabernet Sauvignon, second wine Moser Family Cabernert Sauvignon, and a three-strong varietal range, Moser XV, formed of a Cabernet, Merlot and Riesling, which launched with the
2015 vintage.

Made by Austrian Grüner Veltliner pioneer Lenz Moser, the wines are on sale in the UK through Berry Bros & Rudd and Bibendum. “Changyu is motoring again in China. After a three-year slump it’s showing muscle, energy and a sense of innovation – this is why we’ve created the Château Changyu Moser XV range – the best of China has to offer,” said Moser, who spends the entire harvest at the winery each year in order to ensure the quality from picking to bottling.

The company’s export drive is beginning to show tangible results, having secured distribution in all key European markets and Russia where its Château Changyu Moser XV Cabernet Sauvignon has proved a sell-out success.

Illustrating that the company is increasingly looking westwards, in 2015 Changyu bought a 90% stake in Bordeaux Supérieur estate Château Mirefleurs from the Castel Group for €3.3m.

7 Responses to “Top 10 global wine brands 2017”

  1. My wife and I discovered the Barefoot brand a few years ago and it remains our entertainment beverage.

  2. KRYSTAL says:

    I just wished they stocked more products, especially the 187ml bottles, in the UK. I prefer the white Moscato and always have a nightmare trying to find it in the UK.

  3. suman says:

    Nice information i like your article. hope it will be help me

  4. Todd says:

    Why isn’t Franzia #1 at 23.7 million 9 liter equivalents? Source: Impact Databank and Wine Handbook 2017

  5. Emma Brown says:

    I love wines. Thanks for letting us know one more good wine brand. I liked the Golden Icewine Valley. Do you know any wine brands specializing in Napa Valley wines.? I have one here Would love to know some more Unique Napa Brands.

  6. M Hartmann says:

    Top ten is a useful list for wines to avoid. The huge factory approach turns me off. I want to drink wines made by farmers and winemakers not chemists and MBAs. 🙂

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