Fraud scandal rocks France’s leading bulk bottler

1st August, 2017 by Rupert Millar

A new wine scandal is evolving in France following the arrest of the chairman of one of the country’s leading bulk wine bottlers, Raphaël Michel, on fraud charges this June.

Little is known about the exact nature and scale of the fraud the company’s owner, Guillaume Ryckwaert (pictured), is accused of but, as reported in Wine Spectator, the National Customs Judicial Service apparently noticed “a great number of violations” covering October 2013 to March 2017 during a routine audit of Raphaël Michel’s records. The company has apparently been under investigation by French customs since last autumn.

It is alleged that part of the fraud included passing off as much as 300,000 hectolitres (over 3m cases) of wine classified as Vin de France as Côtes du Rhône, Châteauneuf….

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2 Responses to “Fraud scandal rocks France’s leading bulk bottler”

  1. This is stunning.

    Such a huge volume of ‘accessible’ wines.

    And people think Wine Fraud is contained to the ultra-luxe, fine & rare category.

    Think again!


  2. Paul Doble says:

    It would be extremely helpful to know the names on the labels and if any of those wines got into the US market.

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