Faulconer: ‘We’re not chasing scores anymore’

9th August, 2017 by Lucy Shaw

Chilean winemakers have grown in confidence and are no longer making their wines to a recipe or chasing scores, according to Emily Faulconer of Carmen.

Emily Faulconer, Carmen’s chief winemaker, believes Chileans aren’t chasing scores anymore

Speaking to the drinks business during a recent visit to Chile, Faulconer said: “Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile has changed so much since the ‘90s, having evolved from the Michel Rolland-inspired style into the 200% new French oak and 15% alcohol style of the early noughties.

“Over the last decade the Cabernets have become fresher in style and lower in oak and alcohol – people aren’t chasing scores or making wines to a recipe anymore.”

“Some producers are trying to go back to the winemaking style of their grandfathers, others….

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One Response to “Faulconer: ‘We’re not chasing scores anymore’”

  1. Tõnis says:

    Loveliness — just look at Ms. Faulconer. Her confidence is not without merit. I agree that there’s no need to chase scores, though I will drop a name. I heard James Suckling express and confirm on an Instagram story something to the affect of what I had been thinking all along re many South American wines: they deliver exceptional value. I believe Chile and Argentina are working very hard and have put themselves on the map; they produce my favorite varietals at exceptional values: merlot (Santa Ema); cabernet sauvignon (Finca el Origen), and Carmenere (Carmen Wines). Enjoying Carmen’s Carmenere as I type this.

    Rhode Island

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