Slovenia takes EU to court in grape dispute

19th July, 2017 by Rupert Millar

Slovenia’s minister of Agriculture has said that the country is to file a lawsuit against the European Commission in a dispute over the grape variety Teran.

Slovenia is unhappy that the EC adopted a delegated act this May allowing producers in Croatia to put the name of the grape variety on the label, as long as it came from a very specific place.

Teran is a red grape variety native to the northern Adriatic, specifically parts of Friuli and Emilia-Romagna in Italy (where it is known as ‘Terrano’ or ‘Cagnina’ and is produced under the DOs Cagnina di Romagna and Carso), the Karst plateau in Slovenia and parts of the Istrian Peninsula in Croatia.

It is considered one of Slovenia’s leading national grapes and….

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2 Responses to “Slovenia takes EU to court in grape dispute”

  1. Peter Ellis says:

    The Slovenian PDO should never have been granted. Teran is the principal red grape in Istria, which is almost entirely in Croatia. It is also alleged that some of the Slovenian Teran is actually Refosk.

    • Simon Woolf says:

      As far as I’m aware, almost all Slovenian Teran PDO wines are Refosk (AKA Refosco), which is what makes this so mindbogglingly stupid.

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