Non-alcoholic ‘most exciting’ drinks category, new report claims


Originating in the Far East, this fermented, slightly fizzy sweet and sour tea-based drink can be something of an acquired taste. However advocates of Kombucha attribute a host of health benefits to the drink – and having gained a following in the whole foods section of specialist stores in the US more than ten years ago, the gut-friendly drink has started to transcend its health beverage roots and is set to become a staple in London pubs, LA Brewery founder Louise Avery told the Evening Standard recently. As well as offering something a bit different to juices and fruity drinks that can satisfy the more grown-up demands of alcohol and non-alcohol drinker alike, Kombucha can be very successfully paired with food, Avery said.

In addition to LA Brewery, brands including LoveKombucha, Blessed Brew, Jarr Kombucha, and Ucha Kombucha, which use fruit and herbs to add variety and layers of flavour to the traditional drink.

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  1. Ejini stanley says:

    Diageo improves life with non alcoholic DRINKS and its most life sustained drinks.
    life goes on with diageo….

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