Beer ‘for her’ slammed on social media as ‘patronising’

A Czech beer made “by women for women” that seeks to represent “a woman’s strength and a girl’s tenderness” has attracted a furious backlash online with commentators venting their rage over its overt sexism.

Aurosa’s #beerforher

Born and brewed in Rychvald, east of Czech Republic, Aurosa is housed in a white marble-effect crown capped bottle and presented in marketing shots among bouquets of roses and served in Champagne flutes.

According to its website, the brand was “born to prove that women can succeed anywhere without having to adapt and sacrifice their natural femininity”, which added: “Women have been disregarded in the beer industry but owing to determination and faith in herself, Aurosa is set to redefine the perception of beer.”

The brand’s founder is a woman named Martina Šmírová, who the website says “stands for all phenomenal women, she stands for all their successes and beautiful moments. She is here to remind them how important and exceptional they are. She is here to celebrate femininity in all its forms. Aurosa is a beer created by woman for women.”

However Šmírová’s attempts to unite women through the power of beer spectacularly backfired on Twitter, with social media users blasting the brand’s entire concept as “patronising” at best and “F*****g stupid” at worst.

One prominent figure to weigh in on the debate was beer writer Melissa Cole, who attacked the brand in a series of expletives denouncing it as “horseshit” and blasting the brand for gendering beer.

Her sentiments were echoed by many other Twitter users.

Spencer Pritchard, wrote: “My beef with @Aurosa_Official isn’t that it’s trying to circumvent sexism within the beer industry, it’s that it’s aiding it by division. We need to educate & challenge the sexist few who balk at the thought of a women with a pint, not serve beer in flutes from tiny bottles.”

Kerry Huband added: “Why??? Beer is for everyone, we don’t need a pretty pink one. I’ll just have a pint thanks.”

Jonny Tyson wrote: “@Aurosa_Official women already have a beer – it’s called ‘Beer’ ~40% of craft beer drinkers in USA are women! #beerforher #patronising”.

11 Responses to “Beer ‘for her’ slammed on social media as ‘patronising’”

  1. Eugenia Chvanova says:

    I am shocked, how many negative and aggressive comments are coming mostly from…women. Being a woman I see nothing negative about beer in a feminine package.

    • katie says:

      Nothing negative? It’s a drink! There’s no need to separate it for men and woman, all this does is tell men that we ‘need’ a pretty bottle to enjoy it. I am shocked myself that a fellow female beer drinker thinks this is anything other than thirty steps back and an absolute embarrassment to female beer drinkers. This is just appalling.

      • Eugenia Chvanova says:

        So if ever would be in a mood to choose my beer in a pretty bottle, am I supposed to feel embarrassment???

        • Kay says:

          If you’re choosing what you drink based on how pretty it is, you’re doing it wrong.

          • Eugenia Chvanova says:

            What makes you feel you are in position to tell me or any other people how to do buy their drinks or to do any other purchases?!

    • Mark Owen says:

      I am woman. I am Man. I love Beer but not gender specific brews. Please don’t patronise me or anyone else by creating gender specific brews. We know who we are and we drink what we like!
      Kind regards to disappear,

    • You’re absolutely right, Eugenia! Marketing is for better or worse, a reality in today’s, well, market. And if the packaging attracts your attention — and helps you remember it if you actually like it — then it worked. The producer has made a sale, and you’ve found something you like and can remember.

      All sorts of items including alcoholic beverages are marketed toward women all the time. Yet doing so with beer is a problem? That people are getting all twisted up about this says more about this segment of the industry than anything, and it’s not saying anything good.

      • Eugenia Chvanova says:

        Thanks Byron! I am really really glad to know that there are still people out there who thinks it is still can be normal for the woman to feel like it is ok to be different from men, and these women ARE NOT TO BE SLAMMED , everyone else I believe, is free to give their preferences to the products they find attractive for whatever reason it is! My kind regards

  2. Linda says:

    No-one can tell you what to buy Eugenia, but if you’re shallow enough to choose your drink based on “a pretty bottle” then yeah, you probably should be embarrassed.

  3. Eugenia Chvanova says:

    Exactly, no one can tell me that, Linda, and if you are not so “shallow” as me, you probably should not shame unknown to you people here, dear.

  4. So all of you guys are fine with Skinny Girl and Little Black Dress?

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