Top 10 peculiar Prosecco products

3. Sausages

Whether an important national event, a celebrity wedding or a new fashionable food ingredient, you can guarantee that at some point, the Brits will turn it into a sausage.

However, Steve Archer of Manor Farm Shop in Leasingham was somewhat reluctant to mix the Italian fizz with his pork filling. Eventually surrendering to the popularity of the sparkler, he released his sausages in time for Christmas last year.

“We were tipped four of five months ago that Prosecco and cranberries were going to be popular over Christmas”, said Steve.

“The idea stuck in my mind and we decided to try it to see how it goes. It has not stopped since the beginning of December. We had someone from Buckinghamshire come and try the sausages the other day, and people from Mansfield and Bolton have travelled to buy them too,” he added.

Broughgammon Farm in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, have since released their Prosecco sausages, combining free range rose veal, Prosecco and lemon balm.

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