Rioja’s winemakers positive about DOCa’s recognition of terroir

12th June, 2017 by Arabella Mileham

Terroir-focused producers in Rioja have welcomed the new ‘vinedos singulares’ classification that was given the go-ahead by the Consejo Regulador DOCa of Rioja last Wednesday, as a step towards a broader hierarchy.

The creation of regulations for a new ‘vinedos singulares’ (single vineyard) classification by the Consejo Regulador DOCa of Rioja has been designed to allow winemakers to highlight the terroir and origin of their wines, according to the DOCa and came in response to greater market interest for more information on specific plots where the grapes come from.

“This reconciles the interests of winemakers to showcase these wines, which were already available on the market, as well as those of opinion leaders and end consumers who demanded more information on the label itself,”….

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3 Responses to “Rioja’s winemakers positive about DOCa’s recognition of terroir”

  1. Alejandro Oliveros says:

    We should welcome the DOCa iniciative and start praying for the absurdities of Burgundy regulations no to be emulated.

  2. Do we really think that adding another classification will help the consumer when choosing its wine? Do we really believe that this additional classification will guarantee the quality of the wine on the eyes of the consumer and help Rioja to repair the damages made to its brand? I dont..

  3. Well done, Andrea for highlighting the need for a system the consumer can understand. Alejandro comments on the absurdities of the Burgundy regulations [would welcome more on that] but what of the modern system of labelling for German wines? I see my customers’ eyes glaze over [and not because of how much they have sampled] at the mere mention of Hochgewaechs and other technical terms. Please, Rioja, keep it clear and make use of maps on the rear label.

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