Carlsberg launches ‘game-changing’ draught beer solution

Carlsberg UK has launched a compact draught beer dispenser aimed at smaller on-trade venues, claiming the transportable unit to be a “game-changer” for those serving low to medium volumes of beer.

Carlsberg claims its Draughtmaster technology to be a “game-changer” for on-trade outlets serving low to medium volumes of beer.

Draughtmaster is a compact draught beer dispenser that uses smaller 20 litre PET kegs instead of steel kegs, suiting those that require less volume.

The self-cleaning system requires only water, a power supply, drainage and space for installation, with CO2 replaced with an in-built air compressor.

“For us, we’re investing in draught and specifically PET kegs,” said Per Svendsen, vice president on-trade at Carlsberg UK.

“In the 1950s, steel kegs were introduced for high-volume outlets. But the on-trade has evolved; it is more food-led and beer consumption is lower than steel kegs were designed for. That brings opportunity.”

Carlsberg says that PET kegs offer a long shelf life compared with steel kegs, which have an average shelf life of around one week, while the Draughtmaster will keep beer fresh for 31 days.

This is due to the need to pressurise steel kegs with CO2, whereas Draughtmaster uses air only to push the beer out, meaning “nothing touches the beer from when it leaves the brewery until it goes in the glass”.

“This means we can ensure the quality of the beer for much longer and an outlet that was restricted in its range in the past, can now serve a great range of draught beer,” added Svensden.

“That’s a game changer for restaurants. Draught is nearly 90% of the on-trade beer sector meaning consumers want draught beer.”

Draughtmaster is currently operating in 16 countries in Europe, including Italy, where 90% of Carlsberg products poured in the on-trade use Draughtmaster technology.

“Restaurants that typically avoided draught beer can now serve it,” said Svensden. “They like the convenience. In Italy, the pilot market for DraughtMaster, we only have 10% of our volume left in steel kegs, the rest has been converted to DraughtMaster. That won’t be the same in the UK because there are still pubs with the throughput to make steel the right solution.”

The Carlsberg UK Draughtmaster portfolio currently includes Poretti 3, Poretti 9, Carlsberg Export, Shed Head, Grimbergen Blonde and Brooklyn Lager, with more of the brewer’s premium brands expected to be added this year.

5 Responses to “Carlsberg launches ‘game-changing’ draught beer solution”

  1. Mr paris says:

    We have a carlsburg draught master flex 20lt since we have had it we have had constant delays in delivery or collection of the barrels from our local Makros. Wholesalers we have been told by the rep that it is your company’s fault I’m not sure what is going on last week we had a large function and no beer to sell. Please could you give me another supplier my area mr Paris Waltham Abbey golf range Waltham abbey Essex.en91bf.

  2. We are using these machines for our Italian imported Poretti 4 beer in Durban at a company called Adriatic Foods. I am looking for an instruction manual as a matter of urgency. Please help.

  3. Pieter Lange says:

    Were can i purchase the draft machine n South Africa? I am a big fan of Colesburg draft.

  4. Jbaxter736 says:

    Can I get tetley smooth flow on draft master ?

  5. Gary Langley says:

    Can you hire these out for your home and how much are the kegs

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