First Lady wine created for Melania Trump

A quartet of Slovenian wine producers near Sevnica, where First Lady Melania Trump grew up, have released a wine in her honour.

Named simply First Lady, the wine is made from Blaufränkisch grown in eastern Slovenia, which is known locally as Modra Franking. The four winemakers involved contributed the equivalent of two barrels each from the 2015 vintage to make the wine.

An initial run of 300 bottles sold out in three days after going on sale in the gift shop of the 12th century Sevnica Castle priced at €27.90 a bottle. The castle has since stocked up with a further 2,000 bottles of the wine, which will also be on sale in the town centre’s tourist office.

The First lady collection also extends to salami, chocolates and beauty products.

Melania was born in Novo Mesto, which at the time was part of Yugoslavia, and grew up in Sevnica. She began modeling at the age of five and signed with an agency in Milan aged 18.

She met Donald Trump at a New York Fashion Week party in 1998. The pair were married in 2005 at an Anglican service in Palm Beach, Florida. Their son, Baron William Trump, was born in 2006.

6 Responses to “First Lady wine created for Melania Trump”

  1. Patricia Maznik says:

    Would love information on purchasing First Lady wine. As a Slovenian, I share the pride of heritage with all Slovenians in having our American First Lady from my family ground. Thank you for your time.

  2. Patricia, You can buy it in the Sevnica Castle or in the town’s tourist office. It’s a limited edition wine, although they are considering upping the quantity next year.

  3. Eileen Steere says:

    Can you have it shipped to the USA? My husband’s mother’s grandparents were born there! We would love to have some. Information please, website, #s, etc. Please!

  4. Frederic says:

    €27.9 / bottle! What’s in a name? And what’s in a bottle?

  5. Frederic says:

    Melania Trump salami LoL

  6. Frederic says:

    No wine of respectable reputation is extending its “collection” with … salami, chocolates (what? Slovenian chocolate?) and BEAUTY products!
    And, according to the hefty price of purchase, it’s – at least – worth the attention of royalty!

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